Bombogenesis 2018

Well well well. Bombogenesis was upon us yesterday. Learn something new every day.

Snow in the South is special; we can enjoy the beauty for a short time and then it melts. We are not subjected to its intense dirty ugliness for weeks at a time, piled up on sidewalks, yellow and gray.

This snow is great – old school, awesome, fat flakes. In SC, we usually get snow in March and it’s just sleet that piles up into drifts and pretends it is snow. We lived in Richmond, VA for five years so we know today was the day to go to work, when you have traction on fresh snow. It’s tomorrow that the slush will turn to ice, black ice, and be hard to drive on. Huge slabs of ice will fall off cars on the interstate and cause wrecks because people tailgate.

We headed to 167 Raw for lunch yesterday with  hard core red wine drinkers. I had the clam chowder. Today we went to Goat Sheep Cow and I had the french onion soup. Sorry, Rue de Jean, but you’ve just met your match!

We still have 5″ of snow in our backyard 24 hours later and we are under the house fixing a busted pipe. Our local True Value had everything we needed so we didn’t have to suffer in long lines at Lowes, or be held hostage waiting for a plumber. Thank you, sweet husband! Mobile phones are great: I was contacted from the third layer of Hell to turn on and off faucets many times. Welding copper fumes were intoxicating. Yes, tequila will be needed and provided, and a hot bath for him! Still 30 degrees outside.

Seriously, Bombogenesis is weather term? Who makes this stuff up?

And FYI – in the South, we don’t have mudrooms. We have beach towels on the floor 🙂


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