How much will my website cost and what do I get?

I’m glad you asked. BUT… it depends on what you need your website to do.

Are you selling something/s? You need an e-commerce site. How many things are you selling? E-commerce comes with a lot of moving parts and most of them require monthly or annual fees, in addition to me putting the site together for you, whether it’s a Wordpress/Woocommerce site or setting up on Shopify.

Do you need a “business card” website? It says, “Here I am and this is what this site is about” (like this one). You probably will need a contact form and a newsletter sign up form.

Do you want better search engine optimization? (Everyone does!) Then you’ll need social media consulting, a blog, and an email newsletter. Social media is free to access and set up accounts with Facebook, Twitter, etc., but managing them is very time-consuming and requires a certain strategy depending on your business.

Contact me, and I will be happy to work up a proposal and a quote that’s right for you!



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