Hi, y’all

Hi, y’all!

As you know from the title of this website, I offer web design and website maintenance in WordPress, Joomla and other CMS platforms, in addition to E-Commerce (Shopify and Woocommerce) sites (since 2007) at very competitive rates for design, launching your website and maintenance. Contact me and let’s talk. I am available for a freelance/hourly or contract work, full or part-time positions.

Please note, however, I no longer maintain non-responsive websites (websites built before 2015). We in the Community refer to it as Mobilegeddon. Google (search rankings) requires responsive design (that means your website will stretch and shrink according to the computer or mobile device screen size the viewer is using – which you will not be able to control).

If you are contacting me to recreate your site from a non-mobile-friendly website (sites built before mobile devices became ubiquitous – hey – that’s OK – I have several clients I love that haven’t upgraded to mobile responsive design yet, despite my hints and sound advice), PLEASE be advised this is a NEW website adventure and the cost will reflect a new website.

You’re asking, why the hell did you, Nancy, build non-responsive websites when you started building websites? Because the iPhone and iPad didn’t exist yet. The iPhone debuted in 2007 and responsive design wasn’t a big deal yet. You simply zoomed on the screen if you needed to read anything. Yes, there is a BC in technology. I call it BiP (Before iPhone, Before iPad). Apple has existed since 1976, so I’ll leave leave that for the real techno historians to sort out how to catalog everything.

Is your website mobile-friendly? FIND OUT HERE

If you depend on Google search, contact me. I can usually finish a small website (1 – 35 pages) in about 2 months or less. It all depends on the client’s organizations skills (I will keep you on a project schedule of items by due date – I also own the ‘Pocket Whip’ app and I am not afraid to use it).

I have over 11 years experience in the WWW, so I look forward to talking with you soon to better your site and business. C’mon, this is the fun part!


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